SEO in the Semicoductor Industry

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The semiconductor industry and more specifically, semiconductor testing equipment manufacturers are unlike other industries as it relates to the Internet and marketing. Semiconductor, fiber optics, telecommunications, sensors, automotive electronics, radar, LiDAR, and GPS technology… and how these industries and their specific needs for specialized testing equipment require specialized knowledge that even the most seasoned SEO expert or firm generally will not get involved with.

These industries including semiconductor are global and the vast majority of clients that SEO experts and firms have, specialize in “ localized “ SEO. Localized SEO is different in than global. It’s a lot easier to rank in the top 10 results when the searches require city and state.

For example, if you’re a doctor or an attorney, you want to appear in search results for specific types of work that they specialize in and in the city, county or region where they exist. A doctor or a lawyer has no interest in coming up in search results for California if they’re on the East Coast. 

However, if you were a semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, you’re doing business globally and you need to reach customers in every country and through every search engine.

Scientists, researchers, and engineers search for their products and services differently than the average internet user searches for things on Google.

Here at NeoProfessor SEO we’ve been specializing in the semiconductor industry and helping test equipment manufacturers expand into connecting industries like automotive electronics, LiDAR, sensors, telecommunications, and aerospace/defense to name a few…

Generally, as a standard approach, SEO experts work a much more narrow range of phrases. Their expansion comes through a lot of variation such as putting the phrase in the form of a question, but in the semiconductor industry, if you have to ask what a probe station is, then you’re not buying one. They look for niche opportunities of lesser searches to capitalize on. This is not an on sound strategy but here at NeoProfessor, we don’t just look for the niche phrase opportunities but are able to capitalize on the top and most competitive search phrases.

Another handicap for these SEO experts is the need to capitalize on blogs to generate the results that they are selling. Most of our clients don’t have the need for blogs, although we encourage it, we work with your existing contact to make hidden modifications and advise you on the best approaches for your presentation as it relates to SEO.

More importantly, we use a series of proprietary high-level approaches to provide quality Backlinking in sufficient quantity to influence your page ranking for keywords,

The nnvironmental test chamber market is one of the most competitive markets on Google. Keyword bidding is in the extreme and there are hundreds of companies competing with a range of models of chambers from benchtop to walk-in chambers and they are competing for the search phrases on Google & Bing with keyword ads.

We help our clients penetrate some of the most competitive markets on Google without the need for Google keyword ads and with a more targeted specific approach on specific phrases.

We literally change the way Google and other search engines look at and evaluate your website.

Another important challenge is discretion and ethics. Some SEO experts engage in some approaches that may not be considered above board in the semiconductor industry, as there is a certain standard of ethics involved that it’s not the same in other businesses especially on the Internet.

At NeoProfessor we understand the integrety of the industry and don’t engage in any form spam email or autamted contact form submissions.

Learn how NeoProfessor can indrease your visibility and lead generation substancially.


Dominick Gentile
SEO Specialist