2014 Recap

Well it’s been quite a year and quite a while since my last blog post but, I’m happy to say that I will be blogging much more regularly in 2015.

Why so long since my last blog post?

2014 has seen the advent of a number of ambitious projects launched including NakedGamePlay.com, the social networking platform for game developers. NakedGameArcade.com, a fully featured web and mobile game portal that supports html5, flash, and unity games plus; the inclusion of games that are hosted on iTunes and Android markets.

In addition I have a number of new html5 games under development and a new soon to be released Twitter marketing book.

It’s been a busy year, needless to say, I spread myself pretty thin while I also developing an extensive Twitter following that reaches over 80,000 across several accounts.

I’ve made a lot of new game developer friends over the course of this past year and I was fortunate to be able to get involved at some degree with some of them in their game marketing efforts.

I put a lot of focus into developing an infrastructure in 2014 that will allow me to market mobile and games, providing a format for other game developers looking to gain greater exposure for their games and projects.

With most of the large-scale web development now behind me, I plan to spend much more time in 2015 on actual game development, writing, and marketing. My last completed game was “Santa Sleighs Aliens”, a 2D platformer, created for the holiday season. Currently I have three more small games under production for html5 licensing and I have finally got back to work on my passion project “Final Contact”, a pseudo 3d space simulator for the PC and mobile platforms. I’ll be posting a lot about that in the next few days and weeks including screenshots of some of the upcoming artwork and gameplay.

I’m moving aggressively to rebuild Final Contact from the ground up. I’ve gained a lot more experience in the past year in game development and I plan to bring that expertise to bear, by rewriting my code with greater proficiency to provide a much more robust gaming experience in html5 using Construct 2.

I’ve got a fantastic 3d game artist whose artwork I’ve been purchasing and has enough quality material for me to continue to develop this game with updates and sequels for a lifetime.

To see more, you can visit my website to see some video and screenshots, plus all my other finished html5 games here at Neoprofessor.com.

The Realities of Making Money with HTML5 games

As far as my development of html5 games for licensing to game portals, it’s been an up down and up again year. Since I got started, the quality of games that have come out from other game developers has increased dramatically. While I started off 2014 pretty well, I saw things begin to fall off dramatically by the summer months. As the level of polish and proficiency of other developers increased, I felt the notable drop off in the licensing of my own games. After some good advice from some developers friends, I gave a number of my games a facelift and continue to make changes to improve the quality and polish of the games.

In addition I became aware of the licensing cycles that publishers go through. These cycles tend to happen every 3 months with licensing up for 3 months and then down for 3 months. Fortunately, due to my aggressive marketing efforts, I found licensing opportunities with companies not generally considered to be the norm for publisher licensing.

With an improved eye for detail and a greater programming proficiency I expect to have a better year and continue to supplement my income with html5 games licensing. I also plan to take some of my games to the app stores and you can expect me to be blogging about these marketing experiences as they happen.

Overall I found developing html5 games for licensing to be a great learning experience but not as easy as some may make it seem. There’s definitely a different look and feel to these types of games as opposed to developing a higher end type game like Final Contact. While many of the developers in this market segment, friends & associates, that I talk to frequently expect 2015 to be a better year financially, there is also the added caveat that the competition will increase.

Of course my marketing research, that I turned into a book and published earlier this year, The Big List of Game Publishers, proved to be an invaluable in my marketing endeavors. I don’t think I would have done as well without it and was happy to make it available for game developers who want to bypass the lengthy research and development of web exposure, once they have got a completed game. It takes a lot of work in the forums, an established website, and a decent portfolio to build some momentum. Having the research in my book allowed me to bypass a lot of that in the short term earlier this year and continued to help me build a decent portfolio of publishers throughout 2014. Although I would have liked to done substantially better, enough to make a full time living, but my skill set for these type of games was not completely up to speed, and I had too many other ambitious projects under development. I also had zero successful revenue sharing opportunities in 2014. I made several efforts with some company that either did not pay off or I simply got bogged down in API changes, that never got completed.

I can say with complete honesty about myself, that my biggest problem is biting off more than I can chew, although I don’t necessarily consider it a bad thing. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from entering the html5 game publishers market. There’s a lot of income to be made there and promises continued growth in the coming years.

For everyone that’s been a part of shared endeavors, joined NakedGamePlay.com, and followed me on twitter and elsewhere,

Thank You.

Shout Outs

As I stated earlier, I also made some great friends I would like to give a shout out to Arcaded, a great game developer who makes great training course videos for Construct 2. Ed had helped me earlier this year with some development issues and with a bit of involvement and NakedGamePlay.com at a critical juncture.
You can view Ed’s YouTube video playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7GMuVXUsYnbFZgtFle6AqD6HHrKJi95r

And for the Best in Construct 2 Video training courses, check out: http://construct2tutorial.com/.

Nathan Lovato, another talented Construct 2 game developer and artist who gave me some good technical advice with my html5 games. You can view Nathans work here at: http://gdquest.com/

Aris and Theodore, the dynamic duo of Spark Game engine, an exciting new development environment that promises to bring big change to the game development scene later in 2015. You can check out their website here:http://spark.tools/

and you can visit their forum on http://nakedgameplay.com/forum/spark-game-engine.

More to come…