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Over 80 HTML5 Game Publishers

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The Big List of Game Publishers
(Full Edition)

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The Only and Most Extensive Guide to Game Publishers Available


The Big List is a compiled and categorized resource primarily of game
Publishers of all types from HTML5 & Flash publishers providing
exclusive and non-exclusive sponsorships, and partnerships to Indie Game
Publishing firms. It also includes resources providing funding, affiliates,
revenue shares, market distribution platforms, and other integrated monetization
opportunities for your games monetization.

This is no frills marketing list and monetization guide with over 100 pages of
listings (and growing).


Listing Format

•Company Name
•Description / Criteria /
•Website Addresses / hyperlinked
•Contact Form Addresses / hyperlinked
•Submit Form Addresses / hyperlinked
•Contact Emails / hyperlinked


New Format

The Big List is now categorized and sorted alphabetically, formatted with “ Tag”
identifiers to help clarify the resource listed and formatted with hyperlinks,
so you can quickly navigate directly to the publisher sites, pertinent
information, and contacts.

This EBook is a hyperlinked marketing list that will fast track you right to the
most viable publisher sites saving you potentially hundreds of hours of research
and wasted time.

If you need to understand the market better, and / or your ready to start
marketing your game, then The Big List is for you. As an HTML5 and emerging
Indie Game Dev, I’ve spent hundreds of hours over 10 months creating this list
and continue to expand on it daily.


Who the Big List is for…

•Mobile Web Game Developers
•Mobile Game Developers
•Indie Game Developers
•HTML5 Developers
•Flash Developers


If you’re HTML5 or Flash (Unity3d) developer, you know developing a decent
portfolio of publishers for the web and mobile markets can take many months to
develop and often only after a lot of forum work, a well established website,
and countless hours of research.

Indie Game Project? The Big List is the one resource you’ll need to help define
and spear head your marketing, monetization, and funding strategies.


Free updates monthly for the life of the editions……………………….Current vers. 06.10.2015