My love affair with Twitter began about a year ago. My first social networking experience, probably like most of you, was with Facebook. Despite being a developer, I was never active in doing the sort of things that the average PC user was involved in for fun and so I didn’t even actually start using Facebook until I purchased an iphone 3 some years back.

Ever since my first iPhone purchase, I’ve been heavily reliant on smartphone technology, now owning one device of each major platform (Android, IOS, and Windows Phone) and two Android tablets but, my romance with Twitter didn’t begin until last year. Like most of you I created an account, followed a few sources of interest, and made my first post. I was surprised by the instantaneous positive responses, immediately recognizing the marketing potential this amazing social networking platform.

I began devoting all of my spare time to Twitter, with a lot of my developer friends and associates saying I was wasting my time, claiming Twitter just wasn’t worth the effort due to it’s mathematical limitations and even criticized me for it. I worked at it tirelessly developing several channels in different segments at first, working primarily with just a stylus and my Galaxy Note 3, taking notes, and recording results. Working out the math, I began to develop a mathematical approach combined with good posting practices allowing me to grow significant targeted followings of developers, and later expanding my efforts to develop a gaming audience. Forming the basis for my entire following on, a news, forums, and social networking platform for game developers, through which I’ve been helping small game developers and Indies promote their games, Kickstarters, and tutorials.

Having the opportunity to coach several individuals with their businesses through Twitter, including Spark Game Engine, an exciting new game development environment that’s still in the pre-alpha development stages, and several game developers, gaining even more valuable information, I planned to write a book covering my approach to Twitter but, still I felt wasn’t ready yet to publish.

Returning to work on my passion project Final Contact, a pseudo 3D space simulator created in a 2D game development environment (Construct2), I began developing my audience for the game several months ago. Utilizing the best of what I’ve learned in an aggressive approach to reach targeted users and expose my game to a receptive audience, I began a campaign through Twitter, posting screenshots and video, much of which was from my original prototype, while I began to rebuild my game from the ground up at a higher resolution in the hopes of taking my game to steam as well as to all three of the mobile platforms.

Developing a reach of close to 50,000 in the past several months, I’ve exceeded my expectations with Twitter and have had a huge response for beta testers program and several unexpected opportunities.

With plans for a crowdfunder in the near future and so many gamers expressing an interest in the game’s release, I was surprised to be approached by several game streamers seeking an opportunity to record gameplay on their channels and review the game.

Beyond that, I had several companies approach me concerning potential partnerships, one of which is an exciting new startup that makes an adhesive gamepad for smartphones providing a better experience for gamers using screen sharing and iOS airplay, looking to provide a point of sale with my game, along with their product, in outlets like Gamestop.

I was also contacted recently by Jez Coden, an IT Professional and journalist for, who expressed interest in my game telling me “it looked great” and wanted to write a feature, publicizing it when I release the game for the Windows Phone platform, letting me know their readership was 4 million monthly unique visitors. I couldn’t pay for advertising like that. We exchanged contact information, agreeing to stay in touch, and informed me that I should consider the possibility of some new technologies now available that may make my game available on windows 10 and potentially xbox and graciously provided me with some other useful contact information.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’m really feeling some immense pressure now to provide a quality product and great gaming experience but, as a close friend pointed out, it’s the kind of pressure every game developer dreams of.

I’m still a realist and I can’t say for certain that my game will be a hit but, things certainly look promising. One thing is certain, none of these opportunities would have unfolded if had it not been for a solid marketing strategy through the use of Twitter. I was first approached by each and every one of these opportunities directly through Twitter.

Recently I’ve had a lot of requests from individuals for some Twitter coaching and marketing advice but, unfortunately, with so little time, I’ve had to decline however; I feel the time is right to release my book, Marketing Mobile Games with Twitter. It’s now available on my developer site at and will be available later this week on In this book I cover my comprehensive approach to marketing through Twitter. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and find the strategies, tools and techniques that I outline useful in marketing your games.

As for me, I’ll be spending the majority of my time the next few months on Final Contact, developing, working with beta testers, creating a trailer and promotional materials in preparation for, and in anticipation of an upcoming crowdfunder.

As for, plans continue to expand engagement and to continue to help developers promote their games, Kickstarters, and tutorials. While we suffered a few setbacks during December and January with issues that arose during upgrades, the audience remained strong. I hope to move forward with the store and a greater level of integration of gamers with plans to provide streaming channels for gamers but, more about that later.

Today also marks the launch of my new website for Final Contact located at, where you can read more about the game, view screenshots, gameplay video, news, and announcements. I hope you’ll take interest and follow along as this project continues to thrive.

Dominic Gentile