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Fundamentals of Marketing Twitter

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Marketing Mobile Games with Twitter

Learn the techniques to Develop and Attract Large Targeted Followings and how to overcome Twitter’s mathematical limitations.


In the past year I’ve put a great deal of marketing efforts into social media, (namely Twitter) using it successfully to build large followings of game developers and gamers, utilizing Twitter alone, to build a substantial following (The Social Network for Game Developers), and using my audience to help developers promote their games, tutorials, and Kickstarters. In addition I’ve being using Twitter to successfully market my upcoming game FINAL CONTACT, building a large following of 44,000 plus and growing daily.


Now I’m bringing the best of what I’ve learned together in this book.


Who this Book is for…

•Mobile Game Developers
•Steam Game Developer
•YouTube Gamer Channels
•Twitch Streamers


If you’ve been trying to develop a Twitter following without success and need to develop large targeted usersto promote your Game, KickStarter, or Gaming Channel, this book is for you.


I’ll outline the techniques I’ve used to develop extensive Twitter followings giving you an understanding of the Twitter’s limitations of and how to work the math to overcome them, covering best practices in the use of Twitter, and aggressive strategies to help you expose your game and projects to reach thousands of targeted gamers every week growing your targeted audience exponentially.

This book is a comprehensive approach that also covers a variety of software tools, technologies to manage, monitor, enhance your marketing efforts.

Plus;This book also includes a basic outline marketing strategy covering additional aspects use of website, and blogging.


Twitter is the best source to lead your social marketing campaign.


Indie Game Project? Marketing Mobile Games with Twitter is the one resource you’ll need to help define and spear head your marketing and funding strategies. Marketing is more than half of making your game or project successful.


If your trying to market a mobile game, whether your under development or your game is already released, I feel very strongly that this may be the most important book you ever buy.


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