Here you can find the latest video and screen shots of Final Contact.

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The Latest Game Play Video with the New expanded HUD. I’ve modified the HUD for full screen mode on the PC. That’s right, “The PC”. I hope to bring Final Contact to Steam making the same game available for the PC playable with a gamepad. All the video s were recorded playing on PC with a Xbox 360 gamepad.


Recorded Level 1 gameplay prior to re-design. Gameplay is recorded with an Xbox 360 gamepad.


A rare look at early Level 3 beta gameplay and design. I wasn’t particularly happy with results in this video. You’ll catch a glimpse of a battle space station and a couple of fighters that may or may not be in the final release.


Great early screen shots captured on iPhone 5c. Final Contact performed spectacularly on the iPhone 5c with no lag and nothing but non-stop intense action. Extremely riveting with a vibrant attention getting game display that really shines through. Tested well on the Galaxy Note 3 and Windows Lumina 1520.


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Some of the 3D art to appear in battle scenarios in the game.


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