Help Support this Project

Final Contact needs your support!

While I plan to go to Kickstarter or Crowdfunder with this project in the near future, I need your help to accelerate and promote this project.

Final Contact is a unique project because it’s actually a 2D HTML5 Game utilizing 3D elements to create a fast, efficient, and intense experience of realistic game play on all Mobile platforms that full 3D game engines can’t provide.

Final Contact is a Game that I wanted to make as a Sci-Fi fan for myself and like minded individuals of all ages who grew up watching and reading Sci-Fi books and movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, and an infinite amount of others including games like Wing Commander

Your donation will help support 3D and promotional art costs, scripting support, additional music and sound effects tracks, and most importantly promotional advertising.

Make any donation and I’ll apply it to whatever structure devised in my upcoming fund raising efforts.

Thank You for your support!